Corrispondenze is an independent art magazine, published every six months.
Corrispondenze magazine is both a printed space and a stepping-stone to foster new and old relations. It is an ongoing investigation whose founding principle is “correspondence” and whose aim is to highlight the interconnections between human living and the place hosting it.

Semi (seeds) is the title, and indeed the subject, of the first issue of Correspondence. It refers to the seeds that will be here enclosed with the collected texts. Those seeds are intended to fall to the ground during the act of reading, thereby germinating into new ideas – by virtue of an interconnection of stimuli and perspectives.

Corrispondenze|Semi explores Turin’s territory by narrating multiple projects that encompass the matter of space from an artistic, but also an anthropological, sociological, urbanistic, and naturalistic point of view.


Corrispondènza s. f. [der. di corrispondere]:
Il corrispondere, il corrispondersi, come rapporto reciproco fra elementi diversi


Correspondences is a project that develops within the research FAREspazio_note sul paesaggio, the outcome of the collaboration between Paola Boscaini and Cristina Materassi.The aim of the project is to investigate the forms that the action of living imprints on space. It is an investigation that takes shape, from time to time, through the activation of relational artistic practices and public participation.

The aim of Correspondences is to document how the ways of living are expressed within the urban context, ranging from the public to the private, human and non-human spheres. Creating relationships, sharing perceptions and collecting individual testimonies is, in our opinion, the only way to understand and narrate how the essence of inhabiting is implemented in a given place.


Corrispondences has started its research through the meanders of the word “inhabit”, settling in the San Salvario neighbourhood in Turin since mid-May 2021.

Thanks to the support and collaboration of the Casa del Quartiere, Casa Garibaldi, the Luoghi Comuni San Salvario residence and the association Donne per la difesa della società civile, the Corrispondences boxes were installed in via Oddino Morgari 14, via Pietro Giuria 56, via San Pio V 11 and on the garden gate in via Campana 32. Here they remained until the end of July 2021, ready to collect stories, words, drawings, and anything else that those interested in responding considered useful to establish a contact by expressing their idea of inhabiting a space.


It is a question that wants to focus attention on that instinct that pushes each person to bond with the territory in which they live. A question that encourages you to share your experiences, your desires, as well as your needs o Shortcomings.

The living space has many forms, it includes the domestic environment, the road that leads to the house, the neighborhoods, the cities and all those territories that have been important to us. It is a place of meditation, meeting and conflict.



Sharing with others the meaning of our sense of living allows us to know and make known the space that surrounds us better. The story of our neighbor, but also of those who live a little further away, becomes a tool to discover all the possibilities that the territory in which we live is charged with; that we all live together.


Creating relationships, sharing perceptions, collecting individual testimonies can shape a neighborhood which is made up of the stories of those who live there.

In a historical period like the one we are going through, which forces us to stay away from each other, the correspondence boxes would like to build a new type of public space in which to create gatherings of ideas.

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